Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Vintage Halloween

When my children were small we always celebrated Halloween and had fantastic parties, we learnt how to celebrate as we had spent quite a few years in the states and the americans sure know how to  do  Halloween, so it became a part of our celebrations too, although at the time Halloween was not as big in the UK as it is now. 
We made our house as scary as possible, with smoke machines, the sound of screaming music as the front door opened, grave stones covered the front lawn and were all covered in cobwebs and of course, all of us would open the front door dressed up like the adams family!
My children used to love to play tricks on me, they would put scary things like spiders and lots of horrible gooey bits in places I would least expect to find them, then the would burst into laughter when they heard my screams as I would reach into my handbag and feel something rather unfamiliar in there! 
This year I thought I would do a bit of my own messing around, a little more stylishly though. 
Now my children are all grown up and prefer  to go out for halloween, so I thought I would turn this year into a much prettier event with of course a vintage feel! 

This pretty tea cup used to be my mums, so I really cherish it

Mini pumpkins on pretty vintage plates, this one is from the LA flea market

A lovely vintage cheese dish


8 legs & vintage pearl clutch

 a spider thief

 Romantic.... pumpkins in tulle 

I remade this bag, it was in very bad condition when i bought it, but i knew I could do something with it and I was going to a wedding, so I gave it a new lease of life by covering it in pale pink silk and flowers, its so cute now

                                                   I made myself jump with this, very creepy legs

Vintage cut silk & a black spider what a nice glamourous contrast!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rachel Ashwell & Portobello Road

I had such a girlie day out, spent the whole of saturday shopping with my girlfriends for a wedding dress! It was a dream, my friend asked where she should get her dress from and I knew exactly the place to go  ( all will be revealed at a later date ) so we headed to Nottinghill and Portobello Road. I love this part of London, its definitely one of my favourite places to shop. There is so much choice here, especially as I love to buy props and vintage for my photo shoots, I never come away empty handed and of course there are lots of wonderful places to stop and have lunch along the way!
We were walking pass Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic couture store in Kensington Park Road, so thought I would pop in and take a few pics, Rachel of course, is the queen of shabby chic and it just looks so inviting!

Rachel Ashwell's London store is 'pure scrumminess' this bed is so inviting!

I recognise this table cloth!

I think the London store has more charm than the one in LA, its smaller and crammed with frills and linens galore, much cosier and intimate, you feel you could just snuggle up amongst the big over sized cushions, especially if you have been out shopping all day!

                               A whole collection of Shabby Chic books and stationary
Rachel Ashwells latest book

Some very pretty 50's prom style dresses were in the basement

Absolutely love this mirror with its faded glass and flowers 

 Hayley buying props for a photo shoot

Furs & Tins on Portobello

A display cabinet in Baby Ceylon

how cute is this figure

tattered trunks in Baby Ceylon

Love is all you need!

All photo's
Shirlie Kemp

Friday, 21 October 2011

Vintage & Couture

Outside Vintage & Couture with owner Karen
If you have designer labels to sell just make an appointment with Karen or if you want to buy something  pop in, it changes all the time and you never know what bargain could be waiting inside.
                                                 A word of warning there are some serious handbags in here!
Jean Paul Gaultier

This Jean Paul Gaultier dress is from LA and was once worn for a red carpet event

Lots of Chanel

Love this bag

Chanel buttons

Lots of designer sunglasses

Sexy Louboutins

Another bag I loved is the black Dior on the left but its rather pricey!!

More Chanel

Who's that girl ?

If you can't afford any of the designer labels you could always treat yourself to a lovely scented V&C candle  or body lotion and hand creams

Hermes Scarfs

Just a few of the designer labels inside