Thursday, 22 December 2011

Romantic Victorian Christmas

I have written about my talented friend Christine before but I just had to show you how wonderful her house looks at Christmas.
 Christine is a true artist and we have spent many hours sitting and creating together over the years. We both resonate with the romantic victorian era and would love to live in a magical, vintage, abundant world of make believe.....well, the only difference  between us, is that Christine does live in a vintage magical world 24-7 surrounded by all her incredible creations. 
Here are a few pictures from our Christmas drinks last night!
Unfortunately, my picture quality isn't that great as Christine house has so many lights, I had difficulty trying to adjust my camera to capture the true romantic decor, so I do apologies for the quality of the pictures but I am sure you will get the idea of her unique style.

Christine's house looks like a real life dolls house, filled with love, humour and beauty in every corner!

Christine..... a true artist

The beautiful table

The kitchen is full of  theatrical decoration

Elvis the rag doll cat, decides to go to bed as the door bell rings yet again!

Christine's party hats, all ready for her grandchildren to arrive

I can't imagine how amazing it must be to have Christine as your grandmother! Fun fun fun!

Reflecting the evening, all the guests have left and poor old Pusskins looks as exhausted as I do!
If you would like to see more of Christine's creations, check her blog, you won't be disappointed!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Creating Christmas Magic

Here are the last few pics from my Xmas blog, all taken in my tiny studio.  I had a lot of fun doing them, photographing and styling the Christmas shoot has been one of my favourite's, although, I will admit, I love creating any scenes if they have a romantic & magical theme............ roll on Valentines day!

All photo's and images by Shirlie Kemp
                                                      Vintage wrapping

                     Large vintage velvet rose adds a touch of romance
I like to put little gifts on the table before serving the food, a poem, a chocolate, it doesn't matter what is but it just carries on them theme of offering a surprise!

Yellow Bird up high in a banana tree, yellow bird, you sit alone like me!
A friend had bought me this yellow bird one christmas and I thought, what on earth am I going to do with that! She obviously knew me better than I knew myself,  I laugh now at how many situations I use it for, so its become a part of my creative team, for this shoot, I perched him on a yellow rose...perfect!

Its great to have a friend who looks like an Angel!

And a niece who looks like a princess

I printed some vintage pics and placed them on my gran's old chairs, to add a winters theme

I wrapped beautiful crystal necklace around the top of this glass vase to add a little glamour

My very own ' Little Princess '! 

Sitting pretty in a fairytale tulle skirt and ballet top

 This fairy is the most special Christmas decoration of all, as she belonged to my parents and used to sit on top of our family tree. My mother told me she bought her the year I was born.....which definitely makes her vintage!
The colour has gone in one of her eyes but I always put her on my tree, in memory of my lovely parents who gave me such incredible Christmas's as a child.
She sits high upon my tree which makes me feel as if my parents are with me and watching down on my family!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Glitz & Bitz

I love these decorations and thought to myself, maybe its easier to just decorate a small table instead of a tree,  they looked so gorgeous as I piled them on top of each other, it created some kind of magical chaos! The truth is, I  haven't put my real tree up yet because they don't seem to last long in our house.  I think its something to do with how high I have the heating ( yes my husband walks around turning dials down and I walk around turning them up )  I just couldn't bare to live in a cold house, so the tree will be coming at the end of the week...... just hope it a can survive until Christmas!
                            Meanwhile, here's a few pics and idea's you may like of my decorations.

Create your own cluster of decorations with a piece of ribbon to pull them altogether

It creates a more dramatic look for a hanging stocking

Stars, Crowns and a vintage rose, what a feast for the eyes!

Nothing like extravagant wrapping, gold wire with small glass flowers and a pretty butterfly to top it off

                                                  white and silver, such a lovely combination
a glitter ball to get things sparkling


        In my element, amongst my lovely lace panels, stars and fairy lights, I could stay in here forever!

                                                        Majestic & Magical Christmas Crowns

I made this decoration below, they are so simple to create, especially if like me, you have lots of odd pieces of fabric lying around, just cut into strips and tie them on. This was an old wreath that I pulled apart and gave a new lease of life to.

Handmade rag wreath

I found these wonderful sequinned stars in Harrods Christmas department

Feeling like the fairy on top of the tree, in my wonderful 60's style beaded top & ballerina tulle skirt, all vintage of course!

All Photography & Styling  
by Shirlie Kemp

Saturday, 10 December 2011

She Wears it Well!

   I had to post some of these pictures I did this morning, I know I was on the Christmas theme.. but we can get back to that! It was such a bright sunny morning and thats the perfect light for me to take photo's. I love to work in natural light, especially in my studio, with its all white interior it creates the most beautiful light  so no other lighting was used!  To create a beauty shot you need a beautiful face of course and Bexx has such a classic look and styling her is a dream, as she always looks incredible at what ever I put her in. Please, lets have lots more sunny days!

The only thing fake in this picture is the hat!



Another one of my vintage hats !
Those lashes are real!

I love Lilac!

Just watched x-factor, looks like they have borrowed one of my tulle skirts!

                                             All photo's & styling by Shirlie Kemp
                                           A big thanks to my beautiful model Becky Rui