Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spring Into Colour

Spring is on its way!

It really felt like the first day of spring today, although of course its not....but the air was warm and the sun was out which always makes me feel good! 
Last month I bought a pretty yellow vintage( 60's) beaded dress, which I have been waiting to put on, so I thought, ha ha... this is the day! 
I called my friend Hayley and asked if you she could take a few pics of me for my blog ( it takes so long to take them on your own and I don't have the patience I'm afraid ) and luckily Hayley was free, you may wonder, why, when I live with a photographer, don't I ask my daughter Harley but its the last thing she wants to do when she gets home and anyway, Hayley and I love to dress up and play around and of course she is a great photographer too!

My yellow dress set the whole theme for this post,I thought I would start getting inspiration for Easter too. 
I'm planning a wonderful shoot for an easter picnic table. 
Most of which, I am going to try and make, so if your feeling creative, here's a few things you could start doing for easter, without costing a fortune of course.

I've been saving a few jars ( pasta sauces, jam's etc ) as I am going to decorate them all, any size will do, actually varied sizes are better. 

I printed some old vintage easter pictures and stuck them on the jars, you can either fill the jars with chocolate mini eggs & sweets or even a candle, they make really pretty presents!
This is just the start of my jars,I will be adding a lot more to them but this is how they start off!
Thoroughly clean all the jars and take off ant remaining labels.
Look for nice pics that you can stick onto the jars, I just used pritt stick for mine.

 Decorated glass jars can look so pretty when recycled decorated & filled with sweets!  

A larger glass jar for lemons and covered with lace trim

Jars waiting to be filled & finished off (next blog)

             Spring is on its way......I hope!

An old glass candle gets a new lease of life


I spy

     All Photo's & images by Shirlie Kemp  (Copyright)
     Photo of me by Hayley Samuelson

Saturday, 11 February 2012

My Valentine

I had this cherub painted especially by  
The funny thing is, it actually looks a bit like my grandmother ( well, thats how I think she looked with a lot more clothes on of course!

This is my own Valentines creation, lots of red roses and candles

Cushions scattered around a log fire, bubble's of course, creating a perfect romantic evening!


                     Just chilling the Cristal......!


  All this red creates a passionate atmosphere

        Lovely bath melts from Fortnum & Mason

If your stuck for gifts look at fortnum & masons valentine idea's!

               And don't forget to seal it  with a kiss xxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Valentine's Two

Part two..... Valentine's, and I will say, slighlty cheaper but lots of fun & style of course!
When I lived in America, I had no idea how much they celebrated Valentine's over there. It was quite normal to buy your friends and family Valentine cards and presents, so since then, I have always tried to make it a family event but also feel that the UK has seen a that there is such a big commmericial opportunity for it!
I always hated Valentine's day when I was at school, especially if I got a card, I would feel so embarrased all day and then have to hide it from my family when I got home, as they would tease me about it for hours, in fact I can still remember one of the poems that was written inside one of the cards, I later found out that his sister wrote it for him! Anyway, moving on!

I loved these heart wellies from Office shoes, I would be more than happy to get these for a Valentines gift or buy a pair for my daughter etc.
Wellies with plenty of hearts..haha wonder what my college teacher would have to say about these!

Whislt I was in 'Office' I found this pair of red velvet quirky shoe's, reduced to £10. I thought they would be fun for Valentine's, they ended up being used by my daughter for an American editorial...... Valentine photo shoot !

 LOVE pillow from Primark, will make a nice pressy for my young niece

Love & Heart bag....yet another cute, inexpensive gift from Primark

        Love Hearts!! This is the back of the pink LOVE pillow

More from Primark....a hand towel with gold embroided 'Follow Your Heart', I live by this rule!

Knitted letters I bought at a Christmas craft fair last year.

I think its nice to bring your loved one's together for Valentine's, especially if your children are still young, get them to take part in it all, maybe scatter some red petals on the table, I found these in Tesco's for about £2. Even an old card board box can be cut up into lots of little heart shapes, paint them red and add some red glitter, kids love that bit !
Hobby Craft is a great store if you want to get creative!

There are lots of small gifts you can give for Valentine's.

A classic heart shaped box of chocolate's
An Apron ( with hearts on of course )
Even Doughnuts can be part of your Valentines Tea
'Strawberry Kiss’ Krispy Kreme doughnuts, £9.95 for a dozen, 
Heart-shaped and jam-filled bundles of joy; and who’s counting calories on this most romantic of days?

 maybe a soulful romantic CD!

Lets not forget the Love God himself : Barry White...try his

All Time Greatest Hits.

One of my favourite songs ever, is Chaka Khan singing 'My Funny 
Valentine' and live....I can listen to it over and over.....!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Funny Valentine

I have three lots of Valentine's images for you.
Here is my pretty pink post first! 

I found these amazing cherub cake cup case's, perfect for Valentine's 

Yet another excuse to create lovely things, although I don't really need an excuse, I always want to create lovely things! The good news is....they don't always have to be expensive! I have created two different style's for Valentines and both look so romantic,  can you guess which one I spent the most on?

For me, pink is the colour of true love......................

          I printed up some images to make my own cards and stickers

   Just baking someone a little cake is a gesture of love... 

I may have added too many hearts on this one! When I was at college, I was told off by the graphics teacher for using hearts in my work, he said I was not allowed any more hearts, so this cake is especially for him!

Pink roses and lots of gypsophila create a delicate & gentle vibe for your table, it naturally has that diffused look!

This is just part 1 of my Valentine pictures, I will post the next one in a couple of days

All images  & photography by Shirlie Kemp