Friday, 30 March 2012

Magical Wedding Design

The Zita Elze Design Academy 

It's so wonderful to be at Zita's Design Academy and witness the wonders created by the students. A lot of thought, preparation and passion go into these course's. I have seen tears of joy when the last flower or petal is perfectly placed for the final touch!

'Intricate Flower Embroidery' was the key word today!  I can see why, literally every inch of detail looked as if fairies had helped create it!

Light pastel colours, a feeling of pure joy!

Student - Heather Carpenter's mood board

Subtle tones and a whisper of flowers

My favourite .......Are these beautifully hand decorated cupcakes. They tasted as good as they looked, the flower tops are removed before eating, of course!

The head table, subtle strands of jasmine, add movement and a magical ambience to this elegant work of art 

The perfect pin hole

How precious is this?

The cake, understated with a layer of lace, a small rose....All perfectly romantic !

Its all in the tiniest detail

  looking pretty whilst waiting to be of service

Jasmine, now beautifully in its place

The textures for today's theme, hessian,lace,pearls & delicate pastel colours

For course information with Zita 

Today's student and designs were by Heather Carpenter:
Facebook: Heather Carpenter Floral Design

All photo's By Shirlie Kemp

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring Wedding

With all the lovely sunshine we have had this week, I thought I should get creative, and do what I love to do most of all, so I got my camera out and starting setting up a scene, I wasn't sure what I would shoot but something was lurking deep in my subconscious mind. 
I am being more and more drawn to wedding blogs, especially if they are unique and quirky, I love that sweet homely country look 'homemade apple pie' kinda of thing.
I had some roses that were on their way out, so I thought I would give them a new lease of life before they dry up, so first I made a little head dress, as I was making this I thought I could make a little bouquet to go with it, then I realised I was actually creating a wedding scene. So this is it, this is what I get up to when the sun comes out.  I find the light this time of year, is still quite silvery ( thats how I see it ) so using some pastel colours warms it up especially pale greens and pinks.

A pretty vintage tulle dress adds a touch of romance

Roses and ivy create a very pretty & natural head dress

      Spring inspiration

 A little bouquet with lace and a vintage broach
 I used the same broach and lace in the head dress and bouquet

             Pretty Spring Colours

Underneath this gorgeous sage green floral shawl ( which I bought in Barcelona when Spandau Ballet played they're a few years ago ) is my husbands rocking chair, he has had since he was just 13years old, it was a christmas present ( just like Val Doonican apparently) and its still rocking away now, very much like him....... haha !

  A cinderella moment

 I didn't add all the roses to the head dress as I wanted to make a bouquet too but it would have be much prettier if the roses were all the way around the head dress but if your on a budget or like me your just having using what I had left, this could still look so pretty!

All images are copy right of Shirlie Kemp

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Vintage Bride

Creating A Vintage Bride

This is the time of year when lots of women will be out looking for their beautiful bridal dresses. Its a wonderful thing to do,
I am helping a friend out with her wedding and of course her dress at the moment ( which I will blog after the event, so as not to ruin the surprise but its the most beautiful dress ever ) and I am truly loving it. 
Maybe because I never had a wedding dress myself, I am just so excited about creating a magical, vintage, romantic look for others. 

I have a few vintage dresses at home, so thought I would turn one of them into a bridal dress. I needed to add some drama, so I emptied my box of bits and pieces, mostly lace and ribbons and within minutes a bridal dress was appearing. I also wanted to create a dramatic headdress. When I get creative I have no idea of how it's going to turn out and I must say, I loved how this dressed looked in the end. Its all very magical with an Asian feel to it, due the headdress I think, which is actually a Butler & Wilson necklace. I then added an embroidered piece of lace underneath.

A long pearl necklace from Butler & Wilson, gave more texture to the dress. 

I already had the pussy willow in my studio so I wrapped it in old lace and velvet flowers and thought it made a really unusual bouquet. 

I had a very delicate piece of lace and thought it worked well tied on top of her arm

 As you know, when you buy vintage they are not always in great condition but that never puts me off, especially if it has that worn and torn look, you can always do something to repair it. This dress had a big tear on one side, so to cover it, I just added a piece of lace in the shape of a flower, almost like a corsage and you would never know!

The dress shows its age!

            Fixing the damage just makes it more unique!

Model: Thank you to the beautiful Becky Rui for being the perfect model once again!
All photo's and styling by Shirlie Kemp
Copyright Shirlie Kemp

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Creating A Perfect Easter

Creating Paper Mache Eggs
I have really enjoyed making the paper mache eggs, I find it so therapeutic, although, the rest of my family may say its been a little annoying! I have made a bit of a mess everywhere, especially with the torn news paper and wall paper paste sticking to everything that brushes past it! Being creative does make a mess but the results are always worth it!

Just playing with colours and ribbons to see what goes together

My egg factory, the paper mache takes quite a while to dry, so I used lots of pots and vases to place them in whilst drying out.

I'm loving the pastel colours of these eggs. Easter is definitely a time for pastels, especially as its nearly spring and I am desperate to get away from the dark winter colours.

In my element..... pasting and sticking!

Love these finished eggs, the colours are so vibrant!

This little egg is going to be cut in half and filled with mini eggs

Old jars are now looking a lot prettier filled with sweets & chocolates

It looks like a lovely little sweet shop in here!

I painted this egg a lovely pale pink and stuck floral tissue on top, very shabby chic!

My little table full of easter decorations

I loved the look of this tree stump, so I carried it all the way home from the woods, it looks much happier now!

Pink trim adds the final touches

A pretty decorated jar with crotchet lid all full of pop corn 

All images copy right of Shirlie Kemp
Special thanks to: for helping with photography.