Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pretty Little Things

Wild Flowers

Creating a sweet romantic meadow look with a some of the tiniest flowers in my garden!

Forget Me Nots,I love this cornflour blue, especially against the cream candles. I put some plastic in the bottom of the jars to create texture and give the flowers more height.
 Dried roses look like delicate tissue paper
 Blue Bells

 I love the smell of Lily of The Valley, they really look like fairies hats! Only downside, they are poisonous. 


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Saturday, 26 May 2012

I'd Like A Barn!

I have been so grateful for the warmth & sunshine we have had the past week, I feel like new possibilities are all around me!I love it when I walk round my garden and see plants come to life and bloom with vibrants colours, it makes you feel more connected to nature, I also found a cute blackbirds nest and the eggs hatched today so we have 5 new baby blackbirds ( to worry about )!
 Now, changing the subject, I had a look at Rachel Ashwells blog and felt so happy by what I came upon ! Now don't get me wrong, I love my 10 x 12ft little studio.... but Rachel shows off her newly built barn in her back garden in California (California is enough for me )..but a barn! 
Its absolutely beautiful, what an incredible woman and so authentic within herself! When I was a little girl, my dad built me an amazing wendy house in the garden with real leaded windows ( just like snow white's) I  loved having my own little house outside and for some reason, that has never gone away, although now I'm  thinking....... I really need a barn ( actually my husband would agree, as I collect more and more things and no room to put them) but I don't  have the space for a barn, although we could always move, I guess! Anyway, thought I would take a few more pics of my little house and appreciate what I have, maybe invite Rachel to play one day.... haha!

Freshly picked peonies from my garden


        A Table for two

This is inside Rachel Ashwells Barn, I'm so in love!

'Rachel's Barn' I'm loving this place, a women of my own heart!

Just about to lay the table outside my little studio or 'petite barn' with a lovely old lace table cloth.

Its fun to dress a table up, my mum only used to really dress the table at Christmas and I could see she enjoyed it, so now I think, use it much as you can. I am always breaking plates, glasses etc but nothing is more precious than good health and fun memories and the reason why you don't have a matching set of plates anymore is because you actually used them!

  Making the most of outdoor dining whilst the weather is good!

 Its good practice to lay a table up to see what works, even if no one is coming for dinner, eat on your own feel the ambience!

Thank you to the wonderful for taking pictures today!
Have a look at Rachel's Barn, what a a great place! /

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sunny Day

At last, the sun is shinning! I have been desperate to give my studio a big clear out and a touch of paint as it was really dirty, thats the problem having so much white but it doesn't take long to get it looking good again, as long as the dogs don't walk over it!
I like airing my vintage panels and dress's outside, they always look so pretty in the sunlight, swaying in the gentle breeze.

One of my dogs loves to get involved when I'm busy, mainly because I'm not paying attention to them. I just moved the rocking chair off the porch, as it was the last bit to be painted and when I turned round she had put herself on the chair, (must of thought it was very nice of me to put it in the shade for her) but she looked so cute, which then made me run for my camera, so thats the reason for this weeks blog, all inspired by the dog!

            Looking cute on the rocking chair



She was thinking about jumping up on this chair but I said no !

 It all looks much fresher now, long may the sun shine too!

  The painting was a success, it dried very quickly and no animals walked all over it! All this picture needs now is tea and cake!

                                   All photo's are copyright of Shirlie Kemp

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Queen Elizabeth II


I'm really looking forward to the Queens Diamond Jubilee in June. I have strong memories of the silver jubilee street party when I was a child in 1977. My mum was in her element, organising all the food, decorating table's ( thats where I get it from ).  I had never seen my street come so alive, even people who kept themselves to themselves came out and most of them in fancy dress!
I remember the adults having a pram race in big silver cross prams, kids fancy dress contests but the nicest feeling was everyone coming together and enjoying the moment, I guess thats what you call community spirit at its best!

I am starting to think about what I am going to do for the Jubilee, so I went to the shops to look for inspiration, bought a few union jacks of course but I didn't find anything great. So I thought maybe I should make something special myself. I found some great portraits of the queen and thought I would do a slight alteration (  Jamie Reid, Sex Pistols style) but without the safety pins!  I got a bit carried away, a few hours passed and this is the result of my artwork on HRH!

Queen Elizabeth 11


Pink Queen

'A Little Princess' only 12 years old

The queen, so cute!

HRH 2012

With all these union jacks around I thought I would grab one and see if I could make a dress out of it, so I wrapped it round my mannequin and hey presto..... a long dress for the day!
Shall I wear it or not ?

All images created by Shirlie Kemp
Altered portraits of HRH Queen Elizabeth 11
All images copyright of Shirlie Kemp