Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Beautiful Mess

A quick post all about creating a mess and turning it into something beautiful.  The one thing I miss so much when I'm away is the ability to fulfil my creative side, to get in my own little studio full of random bits & bobs ( my husband calls it junk ) and play. 
I felt inspired by the colour pink, the colour of love. I had no idea of what exactly, so I thought I would try some acrylic paints on a large canvas and see where it goes.  It's the best therapy ever, just stop and listen to your inner self is so important, I truly believe, if we all could just play a little more we would be a lot happier and understand that in fact,its good for us to now & then to do something completely self satisfying and have no fear of being judged. 
I can express so much more visually, so for me its just as good as having a heart to heart chat, so all my secrets and feelings come out in my creations instead!

Arts therapies help you to express things that are hard to put into words. 

There are lots of "Art Therapy Courses" around if you need a little encouragement!

Sitting in front of a canvas I had just painted and feeling really satisfied, not so much with the canvas but just at having the opportunity to express in such a fun way!

This is my favourite part adding the pretty bits!

 The Old Chair 
Once again, my grandmothers old chair is part of the set ( it's literally falling apart and I really need to repair it ). I love including it in my work, I remember so vividly, sitting on this chair as a little girl having lunch with my grandmother ( it was a very dark wood then ) I always feel my grandmother is with me watching me create and amused that this 50 year old chair is still going in 2012!

                      A Bundle of Joy
Lots of flowers waiting to take part in it all!

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Shirlie Kemp

Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Trip to L.A.

Martin had a couple of meetings in L.A. so I decided to go with him ( who wouldn't )I also wanted to catch up with some old friends and see what's happening in L.A. but if I'm really honest, I needed to get away from our terrible British summer. The hit Factory Show which Pepsi & I were going to be part of was cancelled the day before, which was such a shame, especially for all those who had travelled to London but they couldn't prepare the grounds in time for the show and said it was unsafe. I was also fed up of feeling cold whilst watching my garden roses being bashed to the ground by hail and rain and the weather forecast held no hope of getting any better! 
The trip went way too fast and to be honest I didn't get to see half as much as I would have liked to. 
I did of course manage to do a little vintage shopping, although I only bought one vintage dress! I also had a look at the new Kardashian store DASH on Melrose, I was driving by so I thought I would like to see what its all about . I didn't realise the shop had only just opened a few days before,it was so squeaky clean inside with white shiny floors & walls, the only thing that was a little unnerving were the two burly suited men in black style security guards, one at the front door and one standing by the changing rooms, I understand the need for security but they gave the shop a strange atmosphere as if you were being watched at all times, I paid for the dress and got out rather quickly! 

 My first stop was the L.A flea market,it was the only place opened on a sunday morning, I was awake early because of my jet lag. Old vintage cases at the flea market, I wonder to parts of the world they had travelled!

Early morning and rugged..... Martin at the flea market, jet lagged, thirsty & wondering what on earth he had let himself in for!
 I thought this was really funny, a Louis Vuitton covered mirror and dressing table for the die hard LV fans.

 A Treasure chest of pearls

 I couldn't work out how to get this back to the hotel, so let it go!

Next stop was lunch at Shutters Hotel, one of my favourite places for lunch in Santa Monica. Deck chairs on the beach

 My L.A. gal and brilliant make up artist Jane Cohen. I took this pic of her when she wasn't expecting it and love the effect!

Pom Pom Interiors
 This is a cute store, in fact there are a couple in L.A., nice home bits and gifts.

Next Stop Eyebrows
My eyebrows were in need of some attention and I heard that 'The Brow Gal' on Beverly was good, so I booked an appointment with Tonya she was great and fast, I was all tinted, waxed and shaped in 15 mins!

                                                                Last night in L.A.
We spent our last night at SUR the restaurant owned by Lisa Vanderpump of Real Housewives fame. Lisa & her husband Ken were at the restaurant, along with their adorable little dog Giggi. They both came over to say hello and a had chat ( apparently Martin tweeted that we were going there and someone told Lisa) . We also bumped into Peter Medak (he directed The Krays film ), so all in all it was a lovely evening bumping into old friends in a nice place, good food and champagne of course!

 SUR: Lisa with her lovely little pooch Giggi

 I really like the eclectic decor and different little rooms at SUR, it's a sexy,intimate & romantic vibe, the back garden is also a really nice area to sit especially if your having a private party. Definitely worth a visit if your in LA,oh yes, the food is good too!
                                                           The bar at SUR
                 One of the dinning rooms at SUR
          606 N Robertson, West Hollywood

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Very Pretty Birthday Party

I had a lovely day on Sunday despite the constant down pours  as it was my dear friend, Hayley's birthday, so I  set up a very pretty tea party in my garden house for her. 
I wanted to get the right colour concept so I decorated with lots of flowers from my garden and carefully choose colours I knew Hayley would love, lavenders, orange, purple & greens.
The wonderful cake was made by Becky, a delicious victoria sponge, iced and pipped beautifully so that I could decorate with fresh flowers, which I used a rose and african violets. The amazing thing was that when Hayley arrived she was wearing a new choker, it was almost the same flowers as the decorated cake...Success, I know her well!

 Look at Hayley's necklace and the flowers on the cake, literally the same colours!

Sitting pretty, the birthday girl

I thought this single glass dome was so sweet, a beauty and the beast moment

                   Lots of lavender, purple's, birds and berries!

 If you want to know how to make the perfect victoria sponge, take at look Becky Bakewell's blog : ! The butter icing was so delicious 

 Cake by
African violets & blackcurrant's add such a pretty finishing touch to the birthday cake

 Hayley's choker matches the cake perfectly and I didn't know what she was wearing, so felt really pleased with the floral choice!

Lots of colour and a wonderful party for a good friend!

 Gorgeous garden roses
 The Lavender Lady!

 Inside A Magical Birthday Grotto
All images are copy right of Shirlie Kemp