Friday, 24 August 2012

The Sunflower Fields

I visited my friend Sam who live's on the beautiful Priory Farm in Redhill, Surrey. I have been nagging her all summer to let me know when the sunflowers fields are in full bloom as I wanted to take some photo's, so when Sam called to say that the sunflowers are ready, I was at the farm before she could put the kettle on! As usual I managed to turn it into a photo  event and said to my friends lets do a 70's floral inspired shoot in the fields, there seems something very 70's about sunflowers.
A strong memory for me growing up in the 70's is all the TV I watched ( a lot ) and mostly of American influence.  I loved a show called 'Little House On The Prairie'.
I have such strong memories of me and my mum loving all drama in the this small town and lots of tears too! You don't realise the effect this all takes until you get older and some things that feel familiar to you are things that were a part of your childhood and all of a sudden  they seem to give you comfort of your past. Priory Farm really reminds me of that show, it has some of the cutest area's, I really need to stay a week to photograph it all and capture hidden corners and the teepee too but we only had a few hours for this shoot!

        Sam & Anne Marie picking sunflowers

             A magical meeting spot
         Hayley & I about to enter the sunflower fields

             A little sunflower fairy

                                   Girls go on the discovery walk
If you feel inspired to gather sunflowers, take a trip to Priory Farm, you can have breakfast or lunch in the coffee shop then go on a beautiful long discovery walk over the beautiful surrey country side.
See all the sunflowers, take your camera and create your own sunflower shoot!
Priory Farm
Red Hill


Monday, 20 August 2012

Birthday Breakfast

Its has been a really busy week, firstly Martin went into The Big Brother House, I can't tell you how strange that felt, especially as we have been such big fans of the show, so its crazy that Martin is now a housemate! I'm sure he will really enjoy the whole experience as not much really bothers him! Loving   Julie Goodyear, she is such a great character and 70 years old bless her! We're all...... or should I say, #teamkemp are completely glued to the TV now for the next 3 weeks!
 And to finish the week off it was my daughter Harleymoons 23rd Birthday!
She had a busy day planned and decided a champagne breakfast with her family would be a good way to start the celebrations, the weather forecast was perfect to have it in the garden, which was such a treat, so we opened the champagne and celebrated in style!
Oh yes, and my blog is a year old, I keep thinking that I might stop blogging but then I am always documenting everything with my camera and it seems the perfect place to put some of the photo's I take on a an almost daily bases!
                                                               Harleymoon 'the birthday girl'.
Celebrating her 23rd birthday

 Champagne breakfast.........I wanted to go to bed by 1pm, it's  not easy drinking that early in the day!
The beautiful Becky Rui made the delicious  Birthday cake.
Have a look at her cake blog for the best recipes, especially if you're looking for cake inspiration:

Butterflies & Spiced carrot Birthday cake. A superb Becky Rui cake covered in mouthwatering, butter icing. I sprayed the cake gold (with edible cake spray of course) and covered it with burnt orange roses and sugar paper butterflies, it all looked very magical and tasted as good as it looked.
All images are copy right of Shirlie Kemp

Friday, 17 August 2012

A moment behind the scenes video footage

Take a look at behind the scenes footage of my shoot with Miss Charlie Bond
Thanks to Hayley Samuelson for filming, it's our first attempt at movie making but we love it and Charlie really can work that camera!!

Click here to see the photo's

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I had a dream

 Wings Of An Angel

 This shoot went so well, mainly because I knew the perfect model/actress to use for my 'etherial liaisons'. 
Let me introduce you to Miss Charlie Bond! 
Charlie was absolutely perfect to help bring my vision to life,she totally understood what I wanted and delivered an immaculate performance in front of my lens! 
I wanted it all very 'Once Upon A Time' and whimsical. I even  used my fairy costume from my Wham days ( Last Christmas of course)!
The first thing I created were some fairy wings, I then tea stained some vintage bloomers to match and once Charlie put them on, I knew this was going to be one of the easiest shoots ever, she looked perfectly angelic!
Charlie's an actress and took to her roll as an etherial creature effortlessly, it suddenly became very theatrical and I was loving it. Hayley managed to film a little behind the scenes, so we should have a nice mini movie to show soon.

Miss Charlie Bond
                                                     Wings of an angel
            'Spread Your Wings And Fly Away'

                                          The Butterfly Kingdom
I used a couple of my digital artwork pieces for the back drops, they really added another dimension. I stood Charlie in the centre of the one above to create a butterfly effect behind her.

 Charlie is wearing the fairy costume from my 'Wham' days. Pepsi & I wore these on stage for 'Last Christmas'. Charlie was delighted when I asked her to put it on, she said of course, I feel like I'm wearing pop royalty!

              Nice 'tutu' see you, a startled fairy!
            Once upon a time...........
            'My Fragile Heart of Glass'

                   I'm really look forward to the video footage of this shoot, keep checking as I will upload very soon!

Special thanks as always to @Hays8 ( AKA Hayley's )


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Photography Art & Inspiration

So, we've have got through the Olympics and I must say, I felt so proud and inspired by all the amazing athletes and enjoyed screaming at the TV with my family as GB won gold medal after gold medal, what an achievement for such a small country. The Olympics didn't actually bother me ( so I thought ) at all until I watched the opening ceremony and wow, I was hooked straight away, what an opening night that was! I really hope that it leaves a long lasting effect on the youth of Britain, especially as a year ago the country had awful riots of anger and frustration, how amazing if this turns it all around to inspiration and focus!
It really lifted my mood, I tried much harder at the gym especially in my spin classes which is always a big struggle for me and I loved hearing all the athletes say never to give up and how hard they have worked to get where they are, so all in all its been an amazing two weeks of positive attitude.
Team GB your country is very proud indeed!
Ladies Who Inspire
     Just a few of our amazing GOLD medal winners
  What a stomach and what a winner Jessica Ennis
Helen &Heather 
I loved these two ladies, they actually made me cry when they won, the sheer power and focus they had was overwhelming and I must say out of all the sports,this is the one I want to have a go at!

Changing the subject now but I have also realised that people are confused about my art work ( bottom picture) they are asking if they are paintings, the answer is NO they are Not paintings, they are prints from photo's I have created, which I then put through a process. Each photo can take up to an hour to produce. Some of the effects are so textured they look like paintings and some look like screen prints. If  I could paint like this I would be more than proud of myself I can tell you! Anyway, I have quite a busy time ahead so I thought I would up-date the blog with a few photo's I have taken and then played around with colours.

 My friend Hayley with her little pooch, although I took this on a sunny day and everything was in full bloom, I loved the colours that came out when I was messing around and the way the warm colours on Hayley are so warm. Looks a little bit magical.
 This amazing doll was a birthday present and hand made by my multi-talented neighbour Liz. The doll has that great altered Tim Burton look about her,this pic is a test for a shoot I am doing tomorrow. I made the lace wings yep, its going to be a good shoot!
          My dressing room chair
 Home.....The most important place in the world!
              Vintage flower hat
 One of my Photographic canvas's for sale at Martin Moore Interiors below
If you would like any information regarding my bespoke artwork  
please call Martin Moore Interiors  
366 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Middlesex, HA5 4HP               
Tel: 020 8421 5448