Friday, 28 September 2012

Colour Crazy Christine

The Colourful Artist

There is never a dull moment when I am with christine, she lives in the most colourful world imaginable. Her house is like an Alladins cave, a treasure chest with every inch filled with beautiful romantic colourful vintage art. Christine is a wonderful artist, she spends hours at a time creating the most incredible bespoke pieces from vintage images and fabrics.

I popped over to Christine's as she asked if I would make on e of my mini movie's of her home. I am just editing it now for anyone who wants to see more of this beautiful eclectic home!

               Me in Christine's kitchen

Colourful Christine

                   I loved this beautiful bag I found hanging on her armoire, the colours are just divine, yes I want it!
One of Christine's bespoke artbooks,they make amazing wedding/christenting gifts too!

Christine's kitchen table, it actually looks like this everyday...honest!

Only Christine would think of putting a frog on a cake and make it work!

         Beautiful pastels & turquoise fill Christine's home creating a light and joyful place to be.
A Frog, a Cake and a Crystal......Love it!

If you would like beautiful handmade gifts, bespoke vintage artwork check out:
Check out my video of Christines house


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Photo's of Miss Charlie Bond

These pictures are from the Fairy Video and shoot I did with the lovely Miss Charlie Bond.
I hand made the flower head dresses as I was so inspired by the gorgeous colours of all the silk flowers that I stumbled upon whilst out shopping and had to think of a quick excuse why I should buy them, so my mind went into overdrive and suddenly I had a production of beautiful head dresses ready for my next shoot!

                                                               Check the video
Here's the video I made of the shoot, I added a song I had written quite a few years ago which goes really well with the style of the shoot.

Charlie and I spent the day sourcing things for the shoot in Portobello Road, there is an amazing little haberdashers called 'Temptation Alley' that I buy a lot of my trimmings and feathers from.
I loved these black feathers ( below ) so added them to the lady bug wings to create a darker look .

I am going to try and make more mini movie's of my shoots, especially the one's that look dreamy and magical, so keep checking the blog folks!
All images are copy right of Shirlie Kemp

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fairy Land

 I will always be attracted to anything fairy tale, so this shoot was all about finding and creating elemental magic moments! I had to be careful who to cast as my fairy, she had to be playful, spirited and extremely cute!
Every artist has a muse and Miss Charlie Bond certainly is my muse at the moment ( whilst she is still keen for me to photograph her of course) so I called her and asked what she thought about doing a fairy shoot and to my delight she replied, 'I'm on my way'!
We spent the whole day creating different images, so this blog will come in two parts as I took so many pictures and of course I filmed some of it, I need to get editing on that asap.
As I have said before, playing and dressing up is the fun part of my life, I am never happier than when I am making props, sourcing vintage clothes and snapping away with my camera. Luckily for me, Miss Charlie Bond is extremely perceptive to my idea's, I'm sure she can read my mind because as soon I start giving direction she is on it faster than I can click the shutter! So this was our day together by a stream in the English countryside.
                                      A day in the life of a River Fairy
                                                Wakes up to a beautiful new day
                                           A pretty stream, gives this fairy a good idea
                                                           Is anyone watching
                                                She can't resist the stream, she's going in

                                  It could be too cold for an elemental creature

                                           Time to dry off somewhere safe

The transformation begins

                                  Time for this Fairy to turn into a 'Mere Mortal'

Only her eyes 
                                                       Reveal her secrets!

All images are copyright of Shirlie Kemp 
Sept 2012

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Space Clearing

1995 was a year that changed my life, my husband was diagnosed with not one but two brain tumours and my world felt as though it had fallen apart. I felt helpless and in total despair, I needed to help him to get through it and of course to look after our two small children.
A good friend could see I was suffering from stress and gave me one of the best books I had ever read, Louise Hay 'You Can Heal Your Life'. This book gave me the tools I needed to keep my mind strong and focus on getting things good again. I wanted answers but no one had them....... I had to find the answers myself! 
I become obsessed with going to my local book store for knowledge about life and philosophy, as reading was the only thing that  quietened my mind ( that I thought I was losing ). 
I was reading all types all of self help books and then one day I came across a book called 'Creating Sacred Space' by Karen Kingston.  I did judge a book by its cover, I liked the look of it, so took it of the shelf, started reading it and totally resonated with what was written inside. I went home, rearranged furniture,  clapped, rang bells and looked at my home in a whole new way, which gave me a sense of power and not as a victim!

I managed to contact karen in 2000 and asked if she would do a space clearing in my home. I really wanted to see how she did it and was fascinated by her passion for her work and luckily she was in the UK for a couple of weeks ( she was living in Bali at the time ) and was able to do a space clearing at my house. Its difficult to explain what space clearing is just in this blog so if you have an inquisitive mind and want to know more, I suggest you have a look at Karens website:

I contacted Karen a couple of months ago to see if she was available to come over to my house to do another space clearing and luckily she was.  I felt the house needed a little revitalising, energy wise ( maybe me too). It was nice because it was just Karen, myself and the dogs at home that day, so we had the whole house to ourselves and were totally immersed in the space clearing ceremony. The thing I love about the ceremony is that it involves lots of flowers which we had plenty, so we started by taking the heads off of them first, it was looking more and more beautiful as we went along. I had to take some pictures of course to share as it was such a beautiful day.

Space clearing is a ceremony that can be done to clear and revitalize the stuck energies that become imprinted over time in the walls, furniture and other objects of the buildings we occupy. It involves the use of various techniques such as clapping and belling, done in a specific way and a specific order. 

 Yellow flower heads waiting to be used for the ceremony 
 Each room is blessed and a small candle is lit as part of the blessing surrounded by flowers
 When flowers are used like this they add such a vibrancy as well as a pleasure to the eye

                             Flower heads and blessed water are used in the space clearing ceremony
                                                          Space clearing bowel
 A big part of space clearing involves the ringing of a bell
 Karen preparing the table from where the ceremony begins

 Strong colours and rich textures along with candles, flowers and harmony balls all layer out in a specific order by Karen Kingston
                                           The Bell used for Space Clearing
I had this little piece of wood with the words hope written on it and thought it would be a nice message to anyone who is going through a hard time at the moment to remember never to give up Hope!  
Blessings to you all x
Many thank's to Karen Kingston for a very special day

Space Clearing info

This website is also of great help for Brain Injury

All images are copy right of Shirlie Kemp