Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Wedding Helper

I wanted to create something very delicate and romantic, lots of white chiffon draped over  tables, trailing ivy, roses and pastel coloured flowers.
The clothes are all vintage, bought on my trip to LA. The dress's always set the scene, as soon as take them off the rail, I see the picture ahead of me and what I need to create to bring them back to life!

Etherial helpers creating a romantic & magical setting on you're wedding day!

                                                Holding the key to your heart

                                                             The Flower Fairy arrives with abundance of colour

                     The cake sits on a bed of moss and surrounded by lilac roses and hydrangeas

Checking to see if every thing is ready for the special occasion ahead

                                                                 Her work is done!
Here Comes The Bride!...........................


Friday, 19 October 2012

Working With Tricia Fountaine

A Call From Tricia Fountaine!

I have long admired the amazing creative & magical work of Tricia Fountaine. I first came across her work when a friends daughter asked if I could help her with an outfit for a mid-summers night dream party, I said of course, would love to help, being an art student she brought with her a collage of images but one of the pages jumped out at me like a jack in the box! It was the most wonderful costumes & sets I had seen in a long time. I asked if I could keep the collage as I wanted to investigate who's work this was. I found the website and the name of the person creating all this wonderful exciting work. So please, let me introduce you to the amazing 'Tricia Fountaine'. 

 Me with Tricia in her work shop in California. I have never felt so at home. I'm wearing one of Tricia's hats and feeling like I had met a real authentic soul mate and more importantly, a lovely kind hearted lady too!
 Tricia is so involved and works at a fast pace, capturing her working was an inspiring delight. 
Tricia creates the most wonderful weddings. If you are thinking of getting married in California and want that vintage romantic look, you cannot go wrong with Tricia. She also has a barn on a beach, how unique is that! Check her website, it will blow you away! I was ecstatic when Tricia asked if I could photograph a 'French Country Wedding' for a new magazine that Fifi O'Neil has produced!
( Will let you know more when its out next month) 

My daughter Harleymoon & friend Hayley come along with me to help capture everything and considering it was a part of California I had not been to before, I needed a good navigator too. It turned into a wonderful girls road trip around California. 

 Tricia smiles all the time she is working even in the hot Californian sunshine, surround by acre's of avocado tree's.
All hands were on deck, below Harley is helping arrange a wagon of beautiful white hyrdrangeas.

Harley prepping hydrangeas

Even I had the pleasure to help put flowers in their places

Hayley in the studio, holding a pair of Tricia's famous fairy wings
Tricia, up high and yes, still smiling as she prepares props for her vintage french country wedding. We are very similar in our work, getting good friends involved and totally loving what we do when creating,its the best therapy in the world!

 One of Tricia's beautiful vintage cardigans sits on an aisle bench seat! After working with Tricia we had to drive back to LA, it was sad saying goodbye to her wonderful world but I knew we will work with each again and that we have a new friendship, especially as she stole my heart as she knows how to make a real English cup of tea!

We got in our jeep and headed back to LA to meet up with more girlfriends in west Hollywood! Harley was also booked to photograph a very handsome young Hollywood actor (so we drove fast ha ha).

I love where we stayed in LA, its all covered in fuschia pink bougainvillea, that look melts my heart! Blue skies & colours that inspire me to wear really pretty girlie clothes. I can turn every moment into a photo shoot as the light is so beautiful, one of the reason films are made here anyway!

            How cute is this, my little bit of heaven


Talking of colour, I bought this wonderful robe from an online shop called Plum Pretty Sugar. They are great for travelling as they are such a lovely light cotton and the colours and prints are so pretty

 Its such fun travelling with girlfriends. I love that bit just before we are going out, all getting ready together, the noise, the mess, the laughter, its almost the best part of going out!

 This pink vintage slip was bought from Hidden Treasures in Topanga Canyon off the Malibu coast.
My head dress was from portobello road. Such fun being girlie in the sunshine!

Meeting Hayley & Jane for lunch at Toast on 3rd street

 Waiting by the pool for the others to get ready for dinner, I would have been happy to stay here all night!

Mum and daughter, such a fun trip, couldn't have done it with my girls though!

Please check out Tricia Fountaine's website, especially anyone wanting a romantic beautiful vintage style wedding in California!


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fifty Shades Of Autumn

The Seduction of Autumn

October, so rich with colour, a smooth seduction before the harsh winter months dictate our every move.  Its like natures best show before it all turns to grey! I wanted to create something truly romantic, bursting with autumn colour to show the power of natures beauty. 
With my friend and fellow photographer Hayley Samuelson, we created a wonderful magical autumn set. Hayley has the most wonderful porch, covered in winding wisteria, we knew it was the perfect place for our set. 
Although we did have a few scary moments as we were creating this feast for the eyes. It started off as a bright fresh October day until it started raining of course and because the set was getting darker we tried using some lights ( Humm...not outside ones though )  it wasn't a good idea, one blew up, one smashed to floor  as we had a big gust of wind took it down and I managed to get stuck to the set!  Branches fell onto me as I was making the final touches and if I moved an inch the whole set would have fallen apart  but we managed to get there in the end!
I love the picture below that Hayley took of me, it really captures how happy I am when I'm creating, I'm so in the moment and I almost blend in as part of the set. 
Thanks Hayley for capturing this!

                                                   AUTUMN DRAMA

                                                   Hayley so pre raphaelite

 It took a week to prepare for this shoot, Hayley and I actually went scrump-ping, we had a few funny looks as we gathered bags of fallen apple's from the tree but why let them rot on the ground when they could look like this!
    These are Hayley's home grown tomatoes used part of the table display

                          I love this the turquoise, ivy & pink roses leaves me breathless!

Although I'm looking a little bedraggled Hayley & I are very proud of our days work! 
Hayley captures the moment I get stuck to the set! Branches had fallen onto me and stuck to my hair, if I moved it was all going to come down, I look like a ventriloquist quietly asking for 'Help'!

Fifty Shades Of Grey

This is one of my canvas's for sale at Martin Moore's shop in Hatch End.  I love how much it relates to this shoot the wonderful colours of Autumn.!

All images are copy right of  Shirlie Kemp